How we work

The guiding principle behind the work of the "Guardians of the Amazon" is to serve indigenous communities who have decided to reclaim their culture. Communities must have expressed clear needs and be willing to participate in the decision-making process. They are an integral part of the projects, deciding on the results to be achieved, and are committed to sharing their acquired knowledge with other communities once the project is completed.

The search for compromise with local inhabitants and cooperation with all players in a region of activity completes the organization's approach, as projects in the Amazon are numerous, but often work in isolation. Convincing rather than forcing, the "Guardians of the Amazon" aim to inspire the adoption of new methods of protecting the Amazon, based on humanizing its first peoples, listening to them and using their ancestral knowledge which has already proved its worth. Although we encourage women and young people to take responsibility, our partners are chosen according to each individual's willingness to find solutions, regardless of ethnic origin, gender or background. We do not force communities to be what we want them to be, but what they want to be.

Our activities are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Project area

The "Guardians of the Amazon" are concentrated in the Amazonian department of Guaviare, in Colombia, and will participate in the mid-term in all Amazonian regions.